About Us

Colours by Karat is the new face of Karat Imports. Established in 1978, Karat Imports is a leading gemstone jewellery supplier in Canada.

From the classic to the contemporary, we carry the largest and most diverse collection of coloured gemstone jewellery in the country.

Our parent company is a manufacturer of fine jewellery with a sourcing office in the Far East. This allows us to purchase the finest jewels from the gem centres of the world—Antwerp, Bangkok, Hong Kong & Mumbai. Our production facility sells fine jewellery to wholesalers, retail jewellers and consumers in a dozen different countries.

Our ability to buy raw materials at the source coupled with our integrated manufacturing facility allows us to eliminate many layers of cost and bring significant savings to our customers.

From diamond grading and gemstone sorting to designing and manufacturing, all our work is performed by experts who hand-craft each piece of fine jewellery. Every order is treated with the care of a Custom Request. Our diamonds and gems are carefully selected, matched and hand-set to stringent quality control standards.

Our humble beginnings in a small spare room, have not been forgotten as we have evolved from a contract manufacturer into a factory-direct “supplier of choice”. Unlike many traditional jewellery businesses, our owners were not ‘born into the industry” but learned the trade from the bottom up combining tried and tested methods with modern technology and the commitment to provide exceptional service.

We are proud to be the best at what we do and are grateful that our customers depend on us to consistently create product that celebrates the special events in their lives making lasting memories.